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Quick Start

What is Platform Engineering?

Platform engineering is the science and art of creating robust, scalable, and flexible software architectures. It’s not just about building software; it’s about constructing the very platform that allows your software to scale, adapt, and thrive.

In the context of platform engineering, a “platform” typically refers to a foundational architecture or framework that serves as a base upon which applications, services, and technologies are built and operated. It can be a combination of hardware and software resources that provides the essential services used by applications to deliver functionalities to end-users.

Some of the of component platforms that are commonly used in platform engineering include: Infrastructure platforms, software platforms, Middleware platforms, Development platforms, Testing platforms, Deployment platforms, Monitoring platforms, …

Infrastructure Platforms

These platforms provide the underlying infrastructure for software development, such as computing resources, storage, and networking

Software Platforms

Provide a foundation for developers to build and deploy applications, and they can help to improve the efficiency and scalability of software development.

Monitoring platforms

These platforms provide tools and environments for monitoring software, such as metrics collection and alerting systems.

Why is Platform Engineering Crucial?

Key Business Benefits


Easily adapt to increasing loads and demands


Increase operational efficiency, reduce manual errors


Build with top-notch security measures from day one


Ensure your applications are available when you need them most!

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